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Evolution Collection

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DAMASSIA Evolution Collection was inspired by today’s modern career women, who multi task their lifestyle with their careers, being a wife, and motherhood.  Our fabrics and manufacturing is made in Canada, these convertible garments are chic and comfortable to wear all day and evening with less clutter in your closet and easy for travelling. These are the ideal garments for the women on the go.

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Imagine owning at least 10 different styles within one garment. The Evolution Collection are convertible garments worn during the day that easily transforms to evening wear. With a simple wrap or twist it will allow a woman to wear many different titles within one garment for the day.  Available in 4 different styles, one garment for every occasion. Career wear, Evening wear, Wedding wear, Graduation, Proms wear, Vintage wear, Resort wear,  Pregnant wear, Cocktail wear, Casual wear and Traveling wear, you will always be  in control.